Senior Needs

Improved medical technology and public health measures have resulted in a longer life expectancy and an overall higher standard of living. However; chronic health conditions are widespread among seniors, with four out of five seniors residing at home having a chronic health condition. Many seniors have a disability or activity restriction that requires them to seek assistance.


One quarter of older adults require help with housework and one in ten need help with personal care activities. Most of this assistance is provided by immediate family members and often it is a younger senior assisting an elderly senior. Governments at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels must acknowledge this and provide assistance within their mandates.

It is important for seniors to remain active in social networks which will help to keep you healthy and in the know. This fosters a sense of belonging and is associated with better health and quality of life. Seniors who are socially involved are less isolated and tend to have more close friends. The Federation encourages all older adults to be active and to be engaged in their communities.

As we age our needs change and these needs warrant increased consideration. Areas where your local clubs, area councils, and the Federation can have an impact on your lives are:

•Senior Lifestyle – (Helping you to be Active, Healthy, and Connected)

•Health (voicing your concerns for improvements in health care and advocating for a Pharmacare program that is efficient and cost effective).

•Dealing with and Preventing Isolation

•Seniors Housing (advocating for improved seniors housing)

•Transportation - (advocating for improved transportation in your communities)

•Postal Services (working with partners for improved delivery for Older Canadians)

•Care for Caregivers (advocating for support without financial claw backs)

•Emergency Measures (Raising the awareness of senior needs in times of emergency)

•CPP (advocating for improved benefits)

You can influence change by being engaged and involved!

Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.