Elected Officers 

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President:                     Alma Johnston-Tynes

Email:                           afjohnston@ns.sympatico.ca

Phone:                           902- 434-1829

Past President:            Bernie LaRusic

Email:                           bernielarusic_392@hotmail.com
Phone:                          902- 562-1901

1st. Vice President:     Don Fitzpatrick

Email:                          donfitz@ns.sympatico.ca
Phone:                          902-248-2202

2nd. Vice President:   Eileen Pothier

Email:                          epothier@bellaliant.net
Phone:                         902-663-4700

3rd. Vice President:    Judy Schultz

Email:                           toomanycats2@seasidehighspeed.com
Phone:                          902-447-2272

Treasurer:                    Joe Praught

Email:                           jpsldn@mail.com

Phone:                          902-625-3704

Secretary:                    Terry Donovan

Email:                           terrydonovan@eastlink.ca

Phone:                          902-382-2279